Beginner Guitar Songs

Welcome to my list of easy beginner guitar songs! 

When I was first learning to play guitar, I didn't know what songs were good for beginners. I would get frustrated when I would see a song and then learn it wasn't at the right level for me to play. So I created this list of good beginner guitar songs to help you learn to play guitar.

The first set of songs focus on ones that use only my Four Easiest Guitar Chords: Em, G, C and D

These chords along can help you get through a lot of songs. 


If you see a chart that says Em7, play Em. Cadd9, play C Dsus4, play D, G7 etc. You can substitute Em, C, D and G for any chord that starts with Em, C, D, and G,

After that will be a subset of songs that use easy open chords. You will find no songs here that use barre chords as I find those to be more intermediate type songs.You can find more intermediate songs at my full Guitar Chord Charts List.

Strumming: Keep it simple. Sticking with all down strums is the best in the beginning.

1 2  3 4
D D D D 

If you need more time to change between chords don't do all four. Try 1, 2 or 3 strums.

Stay on top of when new chord charts are released.

Easy Beginner Guitar Songs

Songs Using A, D, E & F#m only:

NOTE: If you can play an A chord, you can play and the easy F#m chord below. It plays like an A chord on the bottom three strings.

Amazing Grace

Band, The - Up On Cripple Creek
Beatles, The - Get Back (Video)

Cash, Johnny - Folsom Prison Blues
Cash, Johnny - Walk The Line

Denver, John - Leaving On A Jetplane
Domino, Fats - Kansas City (Video)

Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy

King, Ben E - Stand By Me (Video)

Marley, Bob - Three Little Birds (Video)

Songs Using Only Open Chords:
A, Am, C, D, Dm, E, Em, F (easy), F#m (easy), G

NOTE: If you can play a C chord your can use an easy version of an F chord below.





Adele - Rolling In The Deep
Animals, The - House Of The Rising Sun (if strummed with 6 down strums - Video)

Beatles, The - Hey Jude
Beatles, The - Let It Be
Beatles, The - I Saw Her Standing There
Buffet, Jimmy - Margaritaville

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising

Denver, John - Take Me Home, Country Roads
Dylan, Bob - Knockin On Heavens Door (Video)

Eagles, The - Take It Easy
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

Lennon, John - Imagine (Video)

Marley, Bob - Redemption Song

Petty, Tom - Won't Back Down
Presley, Elvis - Hound Dog (Video)

Semisonic - Closing Time
Sheeran, Ed - A Team
Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild (Video)

Winehouse, Amy - Valerie

This is a list of good beginner guitar songs that you can play along with easily and do not require a lot of skill to play. You can play these songs on either the electric of the acoustic guitar.



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