Acoustic Guitar Chords - Chord Bank

I created this page as a helpful resource for those that were curious on how to play various acoustic guitar chords. Now these chords will also work for electric as well, but since I’m mainly and acoustic player myself, I always like doing things in like of the acoustic guitar.

If you can do something on an acoustic, it’s so much easier doing it on an electric.

How to read a chord diagram

First things, first, you have to know how to read a chord diagram (See the image). If you’re not sure what this is or what the symbols stand for, then I highly recommend you learn before venturing towards learning different guitar chords.

Learn how to read a chord diagram here.

My first 4 easiest guitar chords for beginners

While the rest of this guitar chord bank will focus on full versions of the chords, if you are just getting started on the guitar, I highly recommend that you learn these 4 chords first. They will help you start building your finger dexterity and get you started with playing song much faster than the full versions of these chords.

Learn how to read a chord diagram here.

If you would like some instruction on these chords as well as a printable PDF workbook with exercises to get you playing guitar, check out my free Guitar Crash Course.

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Guitar Chord Bank - Major and Minor Chords

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