Sweet Little Angel Chords & Guitar Lesson

Welcome to my Sweet Little Angel chord chart by B.B. King. Such a great song and a great opportunity for use to practice our C, F and G7 chords.

The song is originally in C#, which would mean A LOT of barre chords, but I have a simple fix for you blues enthusiasts.

All you have to do is place a capo on the 1st fret, then you will be golden to play along using many of these easier chords. You do have an F chord but you can use and Fmaj7 if you can’t do barre chords yet.

Sweet Little Angel is written in a traditional 12 Bar Blues, so if you are familiar with that, or have played another song that was 12 Bar Blues in C, then you probably already know how to play this one!

So let’s talk about the strumming first.

Sweet Little Angel Guitar Chords:

Sweet Little Angel Strumming Patterns:

Like most blues songs, Sweet Little Angel uses a swung or shuffle rhythm as show below. You can accent the 2 and 4 beats for extra feel but it’s not necessary if you aren’t able to.

1 + a  2 + a  3 + a   4+a

Sweet Little Angel Guitar Lesson:

At this time, this song page does not have a guitar lesson video to go with it. Check back at a later date!

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Sweet Little Angel Chord Chart:


Intro (main progression):
C F C G7

                 C                           F
I got a sweet little angel
                                           C                       C
I love the way she spreads her wings
                          F                             F
Yes, I got a sweet little angel,
                                                    C                 C
I love the way she spread her wings
            G7                                                                  F
Yes, when she spreads her wings around me,
                                   C           G7
I get joy in everything

                       C                                     F
Lord, if my baby should quit me
                              C             C
I do believe I would die
         F                                                 F
Yes, if my baby should quit me
                                         C C    
I do believe I would die
             G7                                                 F
Yes if you don’t love me, little angel
C                         G7
Please tell me the reason why

G7 F C G7

      C                                                     F   
Yes I asked my baby for a nickel,
                                                                  C   C
and she gave me a twenty dollar bill
                F                                                       F
Oh, yes, I asked my baby for a nickel,
                                                                  C   C
and she gave me a twenty dollar bill
                                                    G7                                              F
Yes, you know I asked her let’s go out for a good time
                                                              C             G7 C
And she bought me a Cadillac Seville

This file is the author’s own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It’s intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.

We do not distribute printable chord and lyrics charts. These charts are here only to support online learning. We highly recommend buying music from Hal Leonard or a reputable online sheet music store.

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