General Support Items

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about the website and Lauren's courses.

To access your purchased courses, visit:

Lauren's team does provide general support for her courses but sometimes technical issues need to be escalated to Kajabi support. Kajabi is the company that hosts Lauren's courses. If you are receiving error messages, it is always helpful to send an email to their support team as well in case they need to makes updates to code on the backend. You can email them directly at

1. Where Do I Download My Workbook?

All courses come with a downloadable workbook. You can easily find these in one of the very first lessons of the course. They are usually titles with the word "Workbook" in them. The video on the left below is for the 7 Level System while the video on the right is for the Christmas course so that you have a couple of examples.

2. How Do I Cancel My Subscription or Update My Credit Card?

3. How Do I Access The Private Community and Update Settings?

The private community can be accessed via Desktop (which the video below shows you) as well as through the Kajabi Community app available in both the iTunes store and the Google Play store. It is much easier to update settings and notification via desktop, but then you can use your app going forward.

4. How to delete your Browser History/Cache?

Below you can find two videos on how to clear your browsing history. This oftentimes clears up many login issues or errors not only with the LB site but any other site you browse on the internet.

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