Smoke On The Water Riff Lesson
by Deep Purple

Welcome to my Smoke On The Water riff lesson by Deep Purple. We will be working on a bass line in this video lesson as opposed to the actual guitar part. Smoke On The Water is one of the top guitar songs learned by beginner guitar students all over the world. I believe it hold the world record for most guitarist playing the same song at one time.

Now I will warn you that this video is old. I mean 2011 old and I had only been teaching guitar for a year. So the video might be a little grainy and my Boston accent might be a bit wonky but the content still very good. You also get a sneak peek into my original home studio that I used to teach out of. Pretty cool.

Anywho, enough about me. Take a listen to the video below to learn how to play Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple.

EDIT: Thanks to Bob Scher for letting me know there is an error in the video:

’Regarding your Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water video, your verbal instruction is 035 -3 ZERO, but your screen text shows riff ending in 035 - 35.’

Sorry about that and thanks Bob for pointing it out!

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