Melissa Chord Chart by The Allman Brothers

What a great song. Welcome to my Melissa Chord Chart by the Allman Brothers. This is a really awesome song to play along and strum with. It's definitely not the easiest song depending no how you strum it and and whether your hands have enough dexterity and comfort to play some of the non-traditional chords. There are some normal open chords but there are some other interesting chord voicing which give this song such a cool sounds.

Most chord in Melissa are a full measure but there are a couple places where the chords are two beats each so watch for that.

So let me list out some of those non-traditional chords first in tab for you to have them and them we can get into the strumming.

Others Chords:

F#m11/E:   044200
Emaj7:       066400
Bm(add4):  x04430
C#m:         x06650
D6(9):       x07700
Cmaj7:       x32000
B:               x2444x


The strumming for this is probably pretty improvised. That's how I would strum along, but I will give you a basic structure. As usual, all downs will always work for absolute beginners.

1 2 +  3  4 +

More complicated:
1 2  + a  3 e + a 4 e + a
D D    U  DUD        UDU

Melissa Chord Chart
by The Allman Brothers

Intro:  E     F#m11    E     Emaj7     F#m11     E

E                   F#m11/E                          Emaj7    F#m11/E

   Crossroads               seem to come and go,         yeah
E                                                 F#m11/E 
   The gypsy flies from coast to coast
|A -             Bm(add4) - |   |C#m - D6(9) -| 
   Knowing many, loving      none
|E -            F#m11/E -|    | Emaj7 -  F#m11/E - |
   Bearing sorrow, having   fun
Cmaj7                                     B (hold)
   But back home he'll always run
                    E    F#m11/E Emaj7 F#m11/E
To sweet Melissa

E                      F#m11/E                        Emaj7 F#m11/E

   Freight train,            each car looks the same,     all the same
E                                                 F#m11/E
   And no one knows the gypsy's name
|A -         Bm(add4) - |    | C#m - D6(9) -|
   No one hears his lonely sigh
|E -                 F#m11/E -|          | Emaj7 -  F#m11/E - |
   There are no blankets where he lies
Cmaj7                                                 B (hold)
   Lord, in deepest dreams the gypsy flies
                    E    F#m11/E Emaj7 F#m11/E
To sweet Melissa

Again the morning’s come
Again he's on the run
Sunbeam shining through his hair
Appearing not to have a care
C#m                                      A          B           B (hold)
Pick up your gear and gypsy roll on,      roll on

E                    F#m11/E                            Emaj7   F#m11/E

   Crossroads,          will you ever let him go,           no, no
E                                                     F#m11/E
   Or will you hide the dead man’s ghost
|A -             Bm(add4) - |   |C#m -           D6(9) -|
   Or will he lie                     beneath the plain
|E -                F#m11/E -|        | Emaj7 -  F#m11/E - |
   Or will his spirit                      float away
Cmaj7                                 B (hold)
   But I know that he won't stay
                 E        F#m11/E 
Without Melissa

Cmaj7                              B (hold)
Yes I know that he won't stay
                  E    F#m11/E     Emaj7     F#m11/E  (repeat out and end on E)
Without Melissa

 E    F#m11/E     Emaj7     F#m11/E  (repeat out and end on E)

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.  

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