How To Play An F#m Chord on Guitar

The F#m chord is one of the first two barre chords I teach on the guitar. I often start students with this one and Bm because they are used in songs together. Not only that, it’s great practice to transition between these two chords as they has version that fall on the 2nd fret.

Let’s look at two options.

5 String F#m chord on guitar

The great thing about this barre chord is that if you have learned the popular Bm chord, then playing the F#m chord will be very easy.

The barre occurs at the 9th fret and you can see that your other 3 fingers are in the shape of an ‘Am’ chord.

Moving up to the 9th fret can be a bit of distance to travel for us acoustic guitar sing songwriter types. So you will likely use the 6 string version below.

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6 String F#m chord on guitar

This is the most common version you will probably use with songs especially if you are playing on an acoustic. The F#m barre is located on the second fret of the guitar which makes it the more logical choice when playing open chords.

As you can see from the diagram, this F#m chord requires you to barre four strings with only 1 finger at the 1st fret. It’s a little easier to play the Fm because we aren’t barring right next to the nut of the guitar, but some students can still find it tricky to get those bottom two strings to ring true.

You might have to build up some strength to accomplish this, but try and focus on the squeeze on the bottom side of your first finger.

Good luck!

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