How to Play Am and Dm Chords on Guitar

In this lesson, I am going to teach you how to play the Am and Dm chords on the guitar. The little “m” next to the letter indicated that these chords are minor chords. You have hopefully already learned how to play one minor chord, the Em Chord. Minor chords have a much darker and sadder sound to them compared to major chords which have a much brighter and happier sound to them.

These are two very important open minor chords to learn so let’s check out the chord diagrams below. You will notice that the Am chord looks exactly like an E major chord, just set on different strings.

Chord Diagrams of the Am and Dm chords:


The Dm chord will probably feel awkward at first. I always thought it was a pretty awkward chord in general. It doesn’t pop up as often as Am and Em but it’s definitely an important chord to learn and shows up often enough.

Check out the video demonstration below on how to play the Am and Dm chords on guitar:

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