How To Play A Gm Chord on Guitar

The Gm chord doesn’t come up as often, but it’s still worth having in your tool box in case your come across it in a song.

Lucky for us, it’s a barre chord so it will fall the ‘Em shape’ as a 6 string chord and the ‘Am shape’ as a 5 string chord.

Let’s take a look.

5 String Gm Chord on Guitar

The great thing about this barre chord is that if you have learned the popular Bm chord, then playing the Gm chord will be familiar to you.

It’s the exact same ‘Am’ barre chord shape used to play Bm. The only different is this chord is played on the 10th fret. Remember when playing 5 string barre chords that it is very important to mute that top string with your first finger. You don’t want bad sounding notes coming through.

I usually rest my first finger on the string a tiny bit to keep it muted.

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6 String Gm Chord on Guitar

The other option for Gm is at the 3rd fret of your guitar. It has the ‘Em’ shape to it and if you know your F#m chord (which you should), then all your need to do is slide up one fret to get to this chord.

This is why barre chords are great once you get the hand of them. It’s as easy as sliding in and other of chords.

Make sure to have enough pressure on your bottom two strings to get those bottom notes to ring out. They are the hardest to sound on this chord.

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