How to The Easy C and Chords on Guitar

In this lesson, I am going to teach you how to play the easier versions of the C and G major chords on the guitar. Lauren, what’s the difference and why do I need to learn and easy version?

Let me tell you why.

Over the years, I noticed that many of my students, especially adults tended to have a hard time forming the full three fingered version of the chords. They would often complain of string muting and the chords not sounding good, pain from trying to stretch their hands and overall discomfort with playing them. So I decided to test a different method on my students. Let me teach them two fingered chords first so they can have something that is easier to play and get a clean sound while we build finger dexterity with the Spider Exercise.

The result?

I saw immediate improvement in people’s attitude towards learning chords. I found that once students had mastered the two fingered versions that, mastering and learning the full three fingered C and G chord became a piece of cake.

Below is the video lesson demonstrating the easy versions of these two chords and how to transition in and out of them from another two fingered chord, the Em chord.


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