How To Play A Bm Chord on Acoustic Guitar

The Bm chord is one of the first barre chords I show students to play. The other is the F#m barre chord since they both sit on the second fret. A great way to practice building strength for playing barre chords is to practice switching between F#m and Bm over and over again.

5 String Bm Chord on Guitar

This is the typical Bm chord that you would likely use if you were playing a lot of open chords in the first three frets of the guitar.

The barre occurs at the 2nd fret and you can see that your other 3 fingers are in an ‘Am’ shape.

Most of my students don’t have trouble getting the Bm chord to sound since your first finger only has to press down on two strings. It’s the 6 string version below that gives students a bit more trouble.

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