How to Play A and E Major Chords on Guitar

In this lesson, I am going to teach you how to play the A and E major chords on the guitar. Combine these two chords with the D chord and there are many Beginner Guitar Songs that you can play along to using only these three chords. If you have mastered your Em, D, C and G chords, then learning the A and E major chords should be relatively easy compared to when you learned your first guitar chords.

Chord Diagrams of the A Major and E Major chords:

A Major:

c major.png

E Major:

E Major.png

The tougher of the two is probably the A major chord, especially if you are someone who has fatter fingers. Shoving three fingers into one fret can be challenging at first, but keep at it and Iā€™m certain you will get it.

Below is the video lesson demonstrating how to play these two chords.


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