Guitar Fingerpicking for Beginners

Welcome to my Guitar Fingerpicking for Beginners lesson series. The goal of this series and these lessons, is to help you start developing the necessary finger dexterity to get started with fingerpicking on the guitar.

There is a Series Workbook that goes a long with these lessons that have the TAB and links to all the exercises. If you would like that course guide, please fill in your email below.

Lesson #1: Getting the Fingers Working

This first lesson focuses the absolute beginner to fingerpicking. Most people who have never fingerpicked before lack the control and dexterity in their digits to perform fingerpicking well.

Watch the fingerpicking guitar lesson video below to learn the first fingerpicking exercise I teach my students to get started with fingerpicking on the guitar.

When practicing the above fingerpicking exercises, you do not need to spend tons of time on each. I would focus on doing the thumb exercise for 1-2 minutes, and then focus on doing the finger exercise for 1-2 minutes.

Once you get the feel for each of these exercises individually, I would try rolling from one right into the next.

When ready, click on the button below to watch Lesson #2 in this series.

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