Free Online Beginner Guitar Course

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Many people who have visited my site have asked, "Lauren, you should host a free online beginner guitar course so that people can get to know more about you and your teaching style." 

I couldn't agree more!

What I've done on this page is created a very bare bones "Crash Course" in Beginner Guitar Lessons. These materials are included in my Complete Beginner Guitar Course but will only demonstrate the very basics of learning to play the guitar. More in depth chord, strumming and picking techniques will be discussed in detail in the full course.


By the end of the this free online beginner guitar course, you will be able to play along to some of the simple Beginner Guitar Songs on my website.


Part 1: The Very Basics

Watch these videos first to learn how to hold your guitar, hold you guitar pick and learn how to get your guitar tuned properly so that it always sounds good. Once you have completed these videos and your guitar is sounding great, move on to the hand dexterity exercise in Part 2.

How To Hold Your Guitar
How To Tune Your Guitar (free Youtube version, not course version)
How To Hold Your Guitar Pick (free Youtube version, not course version)

Part 2: Hand Dexterity

Developing hand dexterity is vital to improving the flexibility in your hands for learning chords and completing chord changes quicker. Use this exercise to help you develop some hand dexterity so when you learn chords in the next step, it will be a little bit easier. You can pair this exercise with the Beginner Chords Em and D6/9 lesson below.

Spider Exercise 1

Part 3: Your First Chords:

Once you have worked on the above lesson recommendation for one week (Spider Exercise + Em and D 6/9 Chords), I would recommend adding the C and G chords followed by the D Chord. The key is to practice changing between chords as quickly as possible so that you can start using them in a song. I use these simplified chord versions to start with because they are much easier for people to use and will get you playing songs much faster. I recommend working up to a speed of 80-100bpm for chord changes.

Beginner Chords Em and D6/9
Beginner Chords C and G
How To Play The D Chord

****After learning Em and D/9 you can try you hand at playing the song Horse With No Name!

Part 4: Beginner Strumming:

Hopefully you have been working on the above chords and they are coming along smoothly. It can often take students 4-8 weeks to get their chord changes up to speed at 100bpm. Playing along with someone else really helps to improve chord change speed and timing. That's why I include play along tracks in the Complete Beginner Guitar Course.

When you start strumming along to songs, you are very limited to what what you can do. I usually start students with whole note strumming - 1 strum per chord and as they get faster, we progress to quarter note strumming like the one's presented in the exercise below.

Beginner Strumming Patterns (free Youtube version, not course version)


There you have it, that is my free online beginner guitar course. Like I said, it's really a bare bones approach to getting you started with the guitar. Now, hopefully you can venture over to the Beginner Guitar Songs page and give some of those easy songs a try.


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