Faster Chord Changes On Guitar - Simple One Minute Drill

If you are looking for tips on getting faster chord changes on guitar, then you have come to the right place.

In the video below, I will describe a simple one minute drill you can do with each chord change that is giving you trouble. Often times, beginner guitarists are frustrated at the speed at which they can change chords. It makes for some crappy sounding songs to start with.

Usually, it will take focusing on a single chord change and doing that hundreds of times over the course of a few weeks to get the change into your muscle memory and fluid.

For this exercise, I recommend picking to chords – Em and G, C and G, D and E, etc and focusing on improving only one at a time.

To play along to my Beginner Guitar Songs, I recommend practicing the following chord changes over and over again:

Em and C; Em and G; Em and D; C and G; C and D; G and D


A and D; A and E; E and D

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