Dust In The Wind Chords & Guitar Lesson

Welcome to my Dust in The Wind Chord Chart. This is such a beautiful song by Kansas. Dust in the Wind uses a common picking pattern known as Travis picking. If you would like to learn more about Travis Picking or learn how to finger pick better, check out my Guitar Course where I have 21 lessons on finger picking.

The only down side to this song is that it is fast and requires some skill at playing it up to speed.

There are two videos below. One is a lesson on how to play this song for beginners without fingerpicking. The other is a video on how to fingerpick the song. Choose the best lesson for you current skill level.

Dust In The Wind Guitar Chords:

Dust In The Wind Strumming Patterns:

If you are a beginner, you can use 4 down strums per chord or the strumming pattern below to play this song. But, the real feel comes across when you learn how to Travis Pick the song.

Easy Strumming:
1  2  3+  4 +

A Tab excerpt of how to play the verse is below. You can see it is a bit intricate and requires some finger picking skill. So that's is how to pick Dust in the Wind.

dust in the wind fingerpicking guitar

Dust In The Wind Guitar Lesson:

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Dust In The Wind Chord Chart:

/ C / Cmaj7 / Cadd9 / C / Asus2 / Asus4 / Am  / Asus2 /
/ Cadd9 / C  / Cmaj7 / Cadd9  /Am / Asus2 / Asus4 / Am - - G/B /

     C      G/B   Am  Am    G               Dm                        Am              |Am - - G/B|
I close   my   eyes          only for a moment and the moment´s gone
 C    G/B     Am     Am      G                        Dm               Am  Am
All    my   dreams           pass before my eyes, a curiosity

    G         Am   Am   D/F#               G                Am |Am - - G/B|
Dust     in the wind,            all we are is dust in the wind.

       G/B    Am Am      G                     Dm                Am         |Am - - G/B|
Same old    song          just a drop of water in the endless sea
 C  G/B   Am Am     G                         Dm                           Am              Am
All  we     do         crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see

D/F#   G         Am    Am   D/F#               G                 Am |Am - - G/B|
Dust     in the wind,            all we are is dust in the wind.

Am Am  G/Am G/Am   F/Am    F/Am   F/Am   F/Am
Am Am  G/Am G/Am   F/Am    F/Am   F/Am   F/Am
Am Am  G/Am G/Am   F/Am    F/Am   F/Am   F/Am

/ C / Cmaj7 / Cadd9 / C / Asus2 / Asus4 / Am  / Asus2 /
/ Cadd9 / C  / Cmaj7 / Cadd9  /Am / Asus2 / Asus4 / Am /

        G/B  Am Am     G                      Dm                   Am            |Am - - G/B|
Don't hang  on           nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
      C   G/B  Am  Am     G                        Dm                    Am              Am
It slips a  -  way            all your money won´t another minute buy.


D/F#   G          Am   Am   D/F#               G                Am  Am
Dust     in the wind,            all we are is dust in the wind.
D/F#   G          Am   Am   D/F#               G                Am 
Dust     in the wind,            all we are is dust in the wind.

/ Asus2 / Asus4 / Am  / Asus2 / Asus4 / Am/ Asus2/ Asus4/ Am/ Asus2/ Asus 4/ fade out

This file is the author’s own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It’s intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.

We do not distribute printable chord and lyrics charts. These charts are here only to support online learning. We highly recommend buying music from Hal Leonard or a reputable online sheet music store.

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