Creep Chords & Guitar Lesson

Welcome to my Creep guitar lessons with chords and strumming patterns. This song was released in the early 90s (1992) and is a fantastic song to work on for dynamics.

Now you can make this song as easy or as hard as you want. If you want to make it easier, I would recommend playing the entire song as power chords. If you choose this option, you will lose the minor tone of the Cm barre chord, but it will still work.

If you want to make it harder of super hard, I would recommend using some barre chords or playing the whole thing as barres.

Choose your own guitar adventure!

First, lets start of the Creep chords for guitar.

Creep Guitar Chords:

Creep Strumming Patterns:

Verse Strum:
1  +  2   + a   3 + 4 +
D     D  DU   D   D

*Distorted guitar over Cm at end of verses:
1 + 2 + 3 e + 4 + 1 + a 2 + 3 + 4 e +
XX             XX               XX

 Chorus Strum:
1 + 2+ 3+ 4+

The key to this song is really the dynamics of the highs and lows, the softs VS the louds. Give the song a once over to get the idea of the listener journey, then try to apply that to when you are playing along with the song.

The great thing about this song is that it is literally the SAME chord progression over and over again. See my notes below for some of the different strumming options.

Creep Guitar Lesson:

At this time, this song page does not have a guitar lesson video to go with it. Check back at a later date!

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Creep Chord Chart:


                                             G       G                                                  B     B
When you were here before,   couldn't look you in the eyes
                                       C   C                                           Cm    Cm
You're just like an angel,    your skin makes me cry
                                 G       G                                B          B
You float like a feather    in a beautiful world
                             C       C                                        Cm*       Cm*
I wish I was special,    you're so fucking special

                    G       G               B            B
But I'm a creep,     I'm a weirdo
                                                   C       C                   Cm              Cm (strum&hold)
What the hell am I doing here?     I don't belong here

Verse 2
                                G      G                               B          B
I don't care if it hurts,  I wanna have control
                                    C     C                                   Cm          Cm
I want a perfect body,     I want a perfect soul
                             G          G                                B    B
I want you to notice,     when I'm not around
                                    C           C                         Cm*      Cm*
You're so fucking special,   I wish I was special

Chorus (play loud)
                    G       G               B            B
But I'm a creep,     I'm a weirdo
                                                   C       C                   Cm              Cm (strum&hold)
What the hell am I doing here?     I don't belong here

                        G       G                             B    B
ooh, oooh, she’s running out the door...
C         C                               Cm        Cm
She's running out, she run, run, run...
G               G    B    B
C                  C            Cm(strum&hold2measures)

Verse 3
                                             G        G                              B         B
Whatever makes you happy,    whatever you want
                                       C       C                             Cm        Cm
You're so fucking special,    I wish I was special

                    G       G               B            B
But I'm a creep,     I'm a weirdo
                                                   C       C                   Cm              Cm (strum&hold)
What the hell am I doing here?     I don't belong here
I don't belong here
I don't belong here

This file is the author’s own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It’s intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.

We do not distribute printable chord and lyrics charts. These charts are here only to support online learning. We highly recommend buying music from Hal Leonard or a reputable online sheet music store.

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