Christmas Songs for Guitar

Welcome to my Christmas songs for guitar page. You will find a variety of Christmas songs to learn on guitar at various skill levels from absolute beginner to more intermediate.

I always try to offer simple solutions for strumming patterns as well as more advanced options. So check out the songs below and see which Christmas songs you might be interested in learning on your guitar this year.

The following Christmas songs for guitar are organize alphabetically by title.

Merry Christmas!

Some things to know about my guitar Christmas Songs:

U: up strum
D: down strum
B: play the lowest bass note of the chord only
|- - - -| : tells you number of beats for chords splitting measures
PM:  palm muted strums
>: accented strum
/   /: measure markings
(video) - means there is a video lesson as well
(riff lesson) - means there is a video lesson on a short section or part of a song

Want neat and clean PDF printouts of Lauren’s Classic Christmas Songs?
Check out her Christmas Classic Course.

christmas course examples
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