Beginner Guitar Strumming Patterns

In this lesson, you will learn some beginner guitar strumming patterns that you can use with some of my Beginner Guitar Songs. Guitar strumming is highly dependent on how fast you can change between chords on your guitar. That is why when I work with guitar students, the majority of our lesson time is focused on increasing the speed of their chord changes.

The faster your chord changes become, the more and more intricate the strumming patterns can become. This also makes playing the guitar a lot more fun too. I would recommend focusing on using only one chord when first learning a new strumming pattern and then try to change between chords.

Below is a video lesson featuring beginner guitar strumming patterns and how to work around slow chord changes. If you are looking for more cool strumming patterns and strumming lessons check out my Beginner Guitar Course or purchase my 52-page Course Workbook.


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