Beginner Fingerpicking Songs

In this beginner fingerpicking song, I am going to demonstrate two very important techniques that are used in songs like Blackbird and Yesterday by the Beatles.

We are putting it all together here in the final lesson of this fingerpicking series.

Hopefully you have watched my previous lesson on the Plucking Technique & Walkdowns. If not, You Can Watch That Lesson Here.

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Lesson #6: Beginner Fingerpicking Song - Andantino

Now because I cannot give you printouts for song written in the public domain, I had to pick a classical song for this lesson. I chose this song because it has a lovely sound to it but also because it teaches you some very important skills that are used in lots of popular music today.

Make sure you have downloaded the course book for the full printout of this song. You can watch me go through it step-by-step in the video below.

When practicing this beginner fingerpicking song, I would recommend taking it one technique at a time. Instead of trying to digest the entire song, digest the first section and the technique taught there followed by the second section and the techniques taught there.

Once you are able to play each section slowly, put them together beginning to end.

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