Barre Chords Made Easy Guitar Lesson Fixes For Beginners

In this lesson, I am going to teach you some easy barre chord fixes for beginner guitar players. Often times, when I am teaching beginner students, we run across a song that has some sort of barre chord. The most common ones are F, F#m and Bm. My student would get discouraged because they wanted to play there songs but weren’t really up to snuff on playing barre chords.

So you know, for my student we usually don’t get into playing real barre chords until 9-12 months into their lessons and they have proven to me that they know all of their open chords inside and out and have a variety of strumming patterns under their belt. Not only that, they are proficient at playing through dozens of songs at the beginner level. I consider barre chords and intermediate level skill.

I do have a whole method for teaching barre chord that I will discuss in my online guitar course, but for now, let’s take a look at the easy fixes shall we?

Chord Diagrams of Easy F and F#m:

Easy F#m

Now you will notice that next to each easier version their is another chord you are already familiar with – the C chord and the A chord. The Fmaj7 chord uses the same fingers as a chord. You only take the 3rd and 2nd fingers and move them down one string each. The F#m looks exactly like an A chord, only all of the finger have been moved down one string on the guitar.

Next, let’s take a look at an easier way to play the Bm chord, another very popular barre chord that shows up in songs often.

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Chord Diagram for the Easy Bm:

On the left is Fmaj 7 and Easy Bm on the right:

As you can see, the Easy Bm chord looks a lot like the Fmaj7 chord except we have moved everything down to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd strings and moved everything up the neck by one fret.

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