Lauren’s training with Robert Lunte: Unbelievable difference with results you can hear.

Learn the techniques and skills Lauren used to develop her singing voice. After years of trying to find the voice she had always wanted, Lauren trained extensively with the founder of The Four Pillars Of Singing, Robert Lunte. Lauren was so impressed with the detail of the the course that she became a Master Certified Voice Coach herself and uses the course materials and exercises with her personal voice students.

In the course you will learn how to transform your voice by:

  • Increasing vocal range

  • Singing with more power

  • Developing beautiful tone

  • Learning how to stop cracking or breaking on high notes

  • Eliminating strain so you can sing longer

  • Training with today’s leading techniques for pop, rock, R&B,

Online Voice Course

Learn the techniques that transformed Lauren’s voice as a singing and performer. You will get:


  • Download Files & Online Streaming.

  • PERFECT English Captions on videos & Google Translations for Pages!

  • 170+ lesson course w/quizzes to measure your progress.

  • 500+ videos & audio training content.

  • 62 workouts in slow, medium & fast speed.

  • Specialized workouts for men & women.

  • Step by step instructions that teach you HOW to train.

  • Real-Time chat enables you to contact Robert Lunte for support.


Want The Hard Copy Version?

pillars hard copy.jpg

Do you like having a hard copy of materials for your quick reference.

Purchase the online course with Hardcopy Book below. You will still get access to all of the online features listed above.