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CEO/Founder, Musician, Educator, Business Coach, Speaker

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Helping business owners build a better life through a great business.

“Life is too short to waste being unhappy when life is calling you to truly live"

As a childhood cancer survivor, Lauren Bateman knows from experience that life is too short to waste away in a job when greatness is calling you to truly live.

The Conference Board reports that 53 percent of Americans are currently unhappy at work. That means half of the US work force is wishing they could be somewhere else, doing something else where they are appreciated and feel fulfilled from their work.

A service based business provides a wealth of opportunities to both young and old to really feel inspired by life and their work. Unfortunately, 80% of today’s businesses only have one employee, the owner, which can completely suck the wind out of their entrepreneurial sails.

Lauren helps both budding and experienced business owners get the most out of their business so that they can get the most out of their life. Originally a cancer research scientist, Lauren quit her job making $65,000/year to pursue a life of freedom. With no degree in music and no experience in business, her music school went from grossing $400/month run entirely by herself to earning $70,000/month run by her trusted staff with minimal input of her time so she can focus on the more important aspects of her life and other inspiring business opportunities.



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How To Build A 6-Figure Business Through The Passion That Drives You

Going from $0 to $100k with no degree and no experience.

The Art Of Delegation: How To Let Go So You Can Build A Great Life Through Your Business

Stop drowning in work. Design your business to run itself so you can have more time and freedom to be yourself.

Cancer Saved My Life

How surviving Hodgkin's Lymphoma at 16 encouraged an unhappy scientist to become a full-time musician.





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What People Are Saying:

"Lauren is an incredible speaker that can share real world experiences with superb insight in business and music. She connects well with her audience through her personality and clear communication skills. She built her business from the ground up and can share her stories with empathy and passion. I highly recommend her for any podcast, conference or interview." Ron Suzuki, Owner of GritCON Events

"Lauren Bateman's inspirational story of how, despite the odds and overcoming childhood cancer, she was able to follow her dream of becoming a professional musician and a highly successful entrepreneur building her own multi location music school. Lauren shared insightful tips about what it takes to create a strong brand, manage a team and scale your business to 7 figures and beyond. I would highly recommend Lauren for anyone who is looking for an authentic, powerhouse to inspire their audience." -Heather Poduska, Thrive Host

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