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Want to learn guitar online from an instructor that cares and makes guitar fun and simple?


Hi, I'm Lauren Bateman!

I've helped hundreds of thousands of guitar students feel better about learning guitar online and in person. I've developed a method specifically for beginners and beginner-intermediates to start having fun as soon as possible on the guitar.


are you ready?

Lauren can help you have more fun with guitar.

Lauren emphasizes playing enjoyable music right away instead of wasting time on tedious site reading or technical mumbo jumbo. You will learn the techniques and skills needed to play a variety of music from artists you know and love.

Lauren has spent almost a decade teaching students from all over the Boston area and now she’s helping students all over the world. Let Lauren help you learn to have more fun with your guitar.


The Typical Approach:

  • You purchase a course and are literally left to fend for yourself

  • The instruction might be good but there is no one to ask questions to

  • You have absolutely zero access outside of the course content to the actual creator

  • You get frustrated and give up

Lauren's Approach:

  • You purchase a yearly, monthly or lifetime subscription to her guitar course

  • You then get direct access to Lauren via her online guitar learning group on Facebook

  • When you have a question, you can ask Lauren and she will answer via message and or video

  • Lauren can hand create additional content and learning materials based on your problems and needs