Guitar Lesson Articles & Tips


Below you will find links to various guitar lesson articles and tips. Click on the links below to learn more whether you have never touched a guitar before or are looking to improve your skills.

Beginner Guitar Lessons Articles

For those newest to the guitar start here.

Should I Buy An Acoustic Or Electric Guitar? - Tips for buying your first guitar as well as pros and cons of both electric and acoustic guitars.

How To Tune A Guitar - Learn how to tune your guitar so that you sound good every time.

How To Read Guitar Tablature - Learn how to read TAB so that you can start playing music right away.

Easiest Guitar Chords For Beginners - Learn the 1st four chords you need to know on the guitar.

Rhythm Exercises For Beginners - Learn some of the simplest strumming patterns to use when you first start playing the guitar.

How To Create A Better Guitar Practice Routine - Tips for using your time more wisely so that you do not get overwhelmed by your practice.